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Alesis Transactive Mobile Roller Pa with ipod Dock If you are looking for a portable pa system that you can carry in one hand, look no further than the Alesis Transactive Mobile Roller Pa with ipod Dock. This portable pa system offers inputs for several instruments, an iPod dock, an amplifier that is built in, and a 2-way loud speaker. The battery life on this system is around 12 hours, and it the rechargeable battery can run on battery or by wall power.

Alesis has been around since 1980 and was founded on the company moto “bang for the buck”.

See what buyers are saying:

“This has been the best sound system purchase yet for me. I’ve used this outside in a festival tent (perfect sound), in a school gym (plenty loud), large confeence room with 200+ people (everyone wanted to take this home with them) and in a normal room with 100+ people. I’ve only had to use the iPod dock with a 2nd gen. Touch, and have had zero problems with this.

Battery life has been more than enough – my shows last up to 1/2 hour and I can perform 4 shows each day easy with music in between.

Perfect size, sound and a bargain at twice the price. I’m looking at getting a second one just to have at home to play music outside during the summer!”

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