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A portable PA system refers to public address audio equipment used in certain institutions and facilities to allow broadcasting of information within a designated area. This is often used in schools, hospitals, office buildings, department stores, sports stadiums, churches, concert venues and airports for announcing important and emergency information. At airports, for instance, this is used when announcing the arrival of flights, time of boarding or when a certain airline is looking for a specific passenger who has not yet boarded the plane.

The basic portable PA system consists of loudspeakers installed in several places within the building, an amplifier for volume purposes, a mixer and microphone. Intercoms may also be included to allow the recipient of the broadcast message to reply to the central system.

Portable PA systems today are more advanced although the simple and cheaper types are still available on the market. Advanced systems can command a price ranging from USD $1,000 to $5,000. Depending on your requirements, there are many kinds of portable PA systems suitable for various types of buildings and open air sports, concert and party venues. They can range from the large and bulky systems to the portable and cheaper types. Most often, the branded ones are expensive but it’s important to remember that you need not choose the popular brand all the time as not all can provide quality output. There are less costly ones that can also meet your requirements.

Below are some of the best selling portable PA systems you may want to consider.

Hisonic HS120B Portable Pa SystemHisonic HS120B. This is a portable PA system which has VHF wireless microphones in black shade. Compact and lightweight, it has a built-in rechargeable battery with a long life making it ideal for outdoor use. With its 40 watt-speakers, it is capable of producing loud yet clear sound even in an environment where there’s too much noise. Types of microphone you can use with this system are the lapel and headset versions. Read Reviews at Amazon.com for this product.

Ion Audio iPA03 Portable Pa SystemIon Audio iPA03. This portable PA system comes with an iPod docking adapter and operates using a rechargeable battery for more than six hours. It also includes a professional XLR microphone. A portable system, this one is great for musicians, entertainers and event organizers who often go from one place to another. It can work well together with musical instruments, CD and MP3 player as well as with iPod. Read reviews for this product at Amazon.com.